finished samples

Every finishing process has its limitations. Please review the recommended guidelines and specifications for your finishing process to ensure the best results. Some common issues that may arise are listed below.

• scratching and scuffing
• fingerprints showing easily
• bubbles and debris

scratch off coating


  • Available in gold or silver

  • Minimize spray powder

  • Requires 1/2" gripper and 3/8" on all other sides

  • Emulsion up film positive of image to be coated must be supplied

  • Film positive needs to be 1/16" larger on all four sides of image to be covered coated areas may vary up to 1/32". Please allow for these variances in the design of borders, etc.

  • Image to be covered should be screened back from 100% to 40% to prevent image bleed through and should be printed in a light colored ink when possible

  • Scratch off coatings can only be applied to coated stocks

  • Additional charges may apply for any extra camera work needed

  • Must allow 24 hours drying time before cutting

  • After scratch off is applied, stock should not be stacked greater than 12" high to prevent picking. Please take this into consideration when planning shipping

  • ATTENTION: Offsetting may occur with scratch off coatings. This is at times unavoidable due to varying conditions of inks, overcoatings, stock and climate conditions. Please make your customer aware of the circumstances. Art Laminating & Finishing will not be responsible for offsetting of scratch off coatings
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